VRpilot on the road!

VRpilot now offers demos for customers on-site thanks to our new demo trailer equipped with a VRbasic simulator, fridge, coffee machine and sales material. The mobile setup makes it easy to perform demonstrations of our VR training systems on the doorstep of potential customers. Contact us today for a demonstration Read more…

VRpilot featured in FLYV magazine

The November 2019 issue of Danish aviation magazine FLYV features a four-page article about VRpilot. The representative from FLYV was given a thorough briefing on VR and the simulator concept before doing a test flight in the simulator, configured as the Tecnam P2002JF.

Prototype up and running

At VRpilot headquarters in Lystrup, the development simulator (or prototype) is up and running. We are currently testing the integration of our customized software for user profiles and payment, as well as testing the simulation accuracy. The latter is done by certified pilots who provide inputs to fine tuning of Read more…

Homepage online!

The VRpilot homepage is online! This will showcase our product portfolio, enable you to get in touch with us and learn more about our products and how they can benefit your organization. Reach out to us through our Contact page. The VRpilot team