VRguide: 360 degree video player for the classroom


360-degree video player for the classroom

In accordance with EASA guidelines

VRguide is a 360-degree video platform designed in accordance with EASA guidelines on distance learning, Issue 5, 18.08.2020. 

The platform allows for easy sharing and synchronizing of 360 degree videos. In VRguide pilots can either watch videos alone or with others in a classroom like experience. The videos can be paused and discussed while instructors can point out details and much more without sitting in the same physical location.

For more information on EASA “Guidance for allowing virtual classroom instruction and distance learning”, read here.


  • Watch videos alone or with others
  • Synchronize video content using cloud services
  • Teach an entire class remotely
  • Students can raise their hand to ask questions using VoIP
  • Details to observe can be pointed out using a laser pointer
  • Runs on commonly available vr-headsets

Schools and organizations record and upload their video material (360 degree or regular 2D videos) to the cloud, and all headsets in the organization can download the material from here.

Teachers or instructors can create a classroom session and remotely control a video with an entire class of up to 25 students.

Users can watch videos alone and even offline.

To read more about getting started with VR read here

Supplementing VRflow

VRguide is the perfect supplement to VRflow, VRpilot’s interactive cockpit procedure trainer. Students can see how procedures are done in VRguide, and move directly in to VRflow to train the procedures themselves.

VRpilot VRguide Demo picture

Required equipment for recording 360 degree video

Recording 360 degree videos is just as easy as recording regular 2D videos. At VRpilot, we use GoPro Max for the video and a Zoom H6 audio recorder for ambient and headset sound.

360 degree videos can be recorded with a GoPro Max for video and a Zoom H6 for audio.

Feel free to contact us for more information on how easy you can get started recording content for VRguide!

Check out the 360 degree 5.6K video below from a flight in a Diamond HK36 Super Dimona. Drag your viewpoint around to get a glimpse of what it feels like to watch videos in VR!

Contact Dan Ulrich from our Sales Department on dau@vrpilot.aero for a quote to fulfill your training needs.

Dan Ulrich VRpilot Photo