VRflow A320 for private and student use

VRflow A320 for private use


VRflow for the A320 for private use is available for private use through the Oculus App Lab. VRflow runs on both Oculus Quest and Quest 2. The app is available in a demo version and a full version

The full version contains the following features:

  • 12 normal procedures
  • 4 emergency procedures
  • Automatic crewmember to train with
  • Explore Mode
  • Training/Exam mode
  • Step-by-step explanations

The demo version contains only the Cockpit Preparation procedure. Explore Mode is not available.

The private use version of VRflow does not include the multi-crew functionality that allows multiple users to meet up and train virtually. Contact us for more information on VRflow for professional use. The private use version of VRflow may not be used in a commercial context.