VRbasic: The Next-Gen Basic Flight Trainer

VRbasic: The Next-Gen Basic Flight Trainer

VRbasic is designed for basic flight training where the student must learn the fundamental stick-and-rudder skills of flying. Virtual Reality dramatically improves the outcome of training basic flying skills in a simulator. This means shorter training time, fewer retraining hours and cost savings for the students and the flying school.

See VRbasic in action in this video where we take you on a short scenic flight of Milford Sound (NZ)


Explore two sample configurations of VRbasic by clicking the highlighted areas in the pictures below.


FNPT-II grade flight controls (rudder and stick/yoke
Customized X-Plane 11 simulation software for ultra realistic simulation
Engine/aerodynamics/ground vibration feedback in seat and controls
High-resolution head-mounted display
Modular, sturdy steel frame
Two-way intercom with twin plug aviation headset connectors
Instructor panel with touch screen simulation control
External screen connection port
Key-controlled, fused main power switch
Aircraft specific flying controls and throttle
Document holder for easy stowage of checklists, manuals and miscellaneous documents
User system with individual payments and logbooks. Synchronized through MyVRpilot