VRflow: The most flexible and efficient procedure trainer. In one compact device.

VRflow is an interactive cockpit procedure trainer built on VR. Incorporating advanced learning technologies and interactive training scenarios, VRflow is an extremely efficient tool for both initial and recurring training for students as well as flight crew.

Flight crews will not only learn faster and remember better – VRflow features decision making training, which will improve pilot performance when most needed.

Core features

  • Built on well-proven, advanced VR learning technologies
  • Lets pilots train on their own
  • Can be tailored to any aircraft and any procedure
  • Improves learning rate
  • Improves knowledge retention – makes you remember better
  • Supports interaction with controllers or hands using hand tracking
  • Self-contained, compact and portable device
  • “Learning” and “Exam” modes
  • “Hit Me” feature: Can you identify a failure and take the proper action?
  • Multi-crew functionality: train op to three people in the same cockpit over the internet – without having to sit together!

VRflow will simulate normal and emergency procedures for any aircraft with a “Learning” and “Exam” mode to either guide the student through the procedure or check if the student has memorised the procedure correctly. VRflow will give the student feedback on how well he/she has performed the procedure and show the time taken to complete the procedure.

VRflow comes in a handy carrying case, allowing students to bring the device with them home and train procedures at their own pace.

VRflow is a small, compact device without the need for external sensors or a computer to run

VRflow is ideal for complex aircraft familiarization, e.g. for type ratings. The use of Virtual Reality improves procedure training in two ways:

  • COST: better learning means a higher chance of passing the check ride – whether it’s in a simulator or in the real aircraft. Passing first time means money saved.
  • SAFETY: knowledge retention has been proved to be better when learning with VR. This means the pilot will be better at remembering procedures – both on a daily basis and in those critical, rare emergencies.

VRflow MCC: for multi-crew aircraft

VRflow MCC is the multi-crew variant of VRflow. In VRflow MCC, up to three people (captain, first officer and observer) can train together in the same, virtual cockpit without having to sit next to each other. All cockpit flows can be learned and trained with the proper roles of PF (pilot flying) and PM (pilot monitoring).

The use of VRflow MCC enables large cost savings on MCC courses and type ratings because much of the time spent in the big simulators on learning and training flows, can be done with VRflow MCC.