Getting started with VR

Getting started with VR

VRpilot offers VR applications for both commercial and private use. This page will help you getting started with VR and highlights where VRpilot can support you as a private individual or your organization in the best possible way.

VRpilot delivers two different software platforms:

VRflow – The most flexible and efficient procedure trainer

VRguide – 360-degree video player for the classroom

To be able to run VRpilot VR-applications you will need a VR headset. Our software is designed to run on commonly available hardware platforms such as, but not limited to, the Pico Neo, HTC Vive Focus and Oculus Quest series. This hardware can either be purchased separately or through VRpilot as a part of a turnkey solution.

Contact us for help and guidance of how VR can be implemented in your organization and we will be able to ensure your needs  and requirements are fulfilled.

Commercial use of VR

VRpilot offers turnkey solutions based on commonly available VR headsets, such as Pico Neo 2/3 and HTC Vive Focus 3.

We take care of hardware delivery, implementation of customer SOPs and maintenance of the software based on SOP updates. Software is distributed over the internet, and is adjusted to specific customer needs before delivery.

Below you can see the three fases of implementing VR.

Hardware acquisition

To ensure the best possible implementation of VR in your organisation VRpilot will provide guidance on choosing the right VR-hardware platform for the your needs.

VRpilot will provide guidance on how to manage the hardware and keep everything updated using tools like MDM (Mobile Device Management) systems.

VRpilot can deliver hardware with company branding.


VRpilot tailors the software to match your procedures. 

The customer will supplying the required documents (FCOM, OM(B) FCTM) and VRpilot will create the content. 

Partnership is key, were we together help each other reach the right solution.

Maintenance and updates

Updates and support are an important aspect of keeping training tools relevant.

Customers are enrolled in our support portal, where updates such as changes to SOPs can be submitted. VRpilot will ensure that these updates are implemented and distributed to your devices swiftly.

The platform is a ticket system, allowing for customer interaction and discussions on how to reach the best solution.

Private use of VR

To gain acess to VRflow for private and home use please read more here.