Q200 procedure trainer developed for Icelandair in record time

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Q200 Procedure Trainer Developed by VRpilot for Icelandair in Record Time

VRpilot has delivered its cockpit procedure training software tailored to Icelandair’s DHC-8 Q200 operation in a record time, from agreement to delivery in a month.

With a new batch of pilots starting on Icelandair’s Q200 operation, Icelandair had a need for modern and current training tools for their fleet of Q200 aircraft retrofitted with the EFI-890R avionics suite. Encouraged by the current use of VRpilot’s products at Icelandair’s flight training center and technical training department, Icelandair challenged VRpilot to develop its procedure training platform, VRflow, for essential procedures on the Q200 in one month. 

Gudmundur Tomas Sigurdsson, Head of Training at Icelandair: “I am thrilled to see the cooperation extend into our DHC operations after the proven success from our Boeing training. The benefits of VR training has proven itself financially and most importantly in terms of the quality of training.”

Ragnar F. Ragnars, Deputy Head of Training at Icelandair: “We met the people from VRpilot during the EATS 2022 event and immediately liked their product.  Icelandair has been using their solutions for almost a year in its international operations and it has been a great addition in the aim of providing quality training.  At the domestic side of our operations, we see many exciting possibilities using the VRpilots product both for initial training on our Dash 8 Q200 aircrafts as well as differential training to the Q400.  With initial training starting earlier than anticipated, VRpilot´s team were able to meet our demand quickly and working with them has been a great pleasure.”

Thor Paulli Andersen, Partner, VRpilot: ”The quick turnaround time for this project is a testimony to the flexibility and efficiency of our platform and general approach to developing high-quality procedure training solutions. Knowing the people at Icelandair well helped in the daily ping-pong during this project.”

VRpilot will, in addition to the Q200 delivery, develop a Q400 trainer for Icelandair as well, covering procedure training for the B737 MAX, Q200 and Q400 operations within Icelandair.

Icelandair operates a fleet of 3 DHC-8 Q200 and 3 Q400 in their short-haul routes. Internationally, Icelandair operates Boeing 737MAX, 757 and 767.


About Icelandair:

With an extensive route network, Icelandair uses the unique geographical location of Iceland as a hub midway between Europe and North America offering direct flights to more than 50 destinations. Additional to the international route network, Icelandair operates a domestic network in Iceland, an airfreight and logistics business as well as aircraft leasing and consulting services.


About VRpilot:

VRpilot is a leading provider of virtual reality training solutions for the aviation industry. Its innovative VR technology is designed to enhance pilot and maintenance training by offering realistic, immersive experiences that improve skills and knowledge in a safe and controlled environment.

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