Nolinor Aviation Selects VRpilot for 737 Procedure Training

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Nolinor Aviation Selects VRpilot for 737 Procedure Training

Nolinor Aviation, the largest charter airline of Canada, has contracted VRpilot to deliver their interactive cockpit procedure training platform, VRflow, to support its Boeing 737 training operations. Operating both the Original, Classic, and NG versions of the 737, Nolinor will receive customized training solutions for all their variants.

Rudy Egeileh, Training Manager at Nolinor Aviation says: “Our airline operates the largest fleet of 737-200’s in the world. While these aircraft are vital to our operations, we want to ensure that our crew receive top-tier training in line with industry standards. With VRpilot’s solution, we’re bridging the past and the future by using cutting edge experience that breathes new life into our airframes, ensuring their continued and safe operation in the skies.

Thor Paulli Andersen, Partner at VRpilot: ”Taking full advantage of the flexibility of our VRflow platform, we’re excited to deliver a procedure training solution to Nolinor that will match their actual aircraft one-to-one. This partnership epitomizes the value of our customized solutions, helping operators of aging, unique, or specialized aircraft to continue their operation well into the future.”

Nolinor has selected the Pico 4 Enterprise headsets to run VRpilot’s software.

About Nolinor

Founded in 1992, Nolinor Aviation is a leading provider of specialized commercial charter flights. The airline operates across Canada, the United States, and various international destinations. Nolinor Aviation is recognized for its commitment to safety in both its equipment and services. As a private company, Nolinor Aviation (IATA code N5) is wholly owned by the Prud’homme family trust. The company has established a strong presence in the charter flight sector, offering tailored services to meet diverse transportation needs. For additional information about Nolinor Aviation and its services, please visit Updates and news can also be found by following @nolinor_aviation on Instagram.

About VRpilot

VRpilot is a leading provider of virtual reality training solutions for the aviation industry. Its innovative VR technology is designed to enhance training by offering realistic, immersive experiences that improve skills and knowledge in a safe and controlled environment.

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