Product launch: VRguide, the multi-user 360 degree video player

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VRpilot VRguide Demo picture

Product launch: VRguide, the multi-user 360 degree video player

VRpilot officially launches VRguide, the 360 degree video player for classroom instruction. VRguide enables up to 25 students to remotely watch the same 360 degree video with an instructor who controls and explains the video. VRguide includes multiple features to foster an efficient learning environment. Video content is uploaded to a cloud service, from where it is downloaded to the users VR headsets.

VRpilot sees 360 degree videos as a strong educational tool – not only in pilot training, but in others areas like maintenance training as well. For customers using VRpilot’s cockpit procedure trainer VRflow, VRguide enables students to watch how procedures are performed before training themselves in VRflow, thus increasing the utilization of the acquired VR hardware.

The launch customer for VRguide will be the Royal Danish Air Force, who will use VRguide to give students access to flight maneuver training material. Another VRpilot customer, Center Air Pilot Academy, will use VRguide as a supplement to VRflow to strengthen their APS MCC course.

Read more about VRguide here.

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