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Portugália Airlines Embarks on Cutting-Edge E190/E195 Training with VRpilot's Virtual Reality Technology

VRpilot, a leading provider of virtual reality training solutions for the aviation industry, is proud to announce a groundbreaking partnership with Portugália Airlines, part of the TAP Group. This innovative collaboration is set to transform procedure training for Portugália’s pilots on the Embraer E190/E195 aircraft.

Recognizing the evolving landscape of aviation training and the paramount importance of staying at the forefront of technological advancements, Portugália has embraced VRpilot’s virtual reality solutions to revolutionize its training programs.

Hugo Oliveira, Training Director at Portugália Airlines, expressed his enthusiasm for this initiative, saying, “We are excited to collaborate with VRpilot in integrating virtual reality technology into our training curriculum. Our commitment has always been to ensure our pilots are exceptionally skilled and prepared for any situation. The immersive and realistic training environment offered by VRpilot will undoubtedly elevate our training to new heights, for the Embraer E190/E195 fleet.”

Daniel Maass, CEO of VRpilot: “We are honored to join forces with Portugália Airlines in their quest for excellence in aviation training. Our virtual reality technology is designed to deliver an unparalleled training experience, replicating real-world scenarios with remarkable accuracy. This empowers pilots to refine their skills and master procedures in a safe and controlled environment. Portugália’s choice of our well-proven platform, VRflow, is a testimony to its high standard.”

By adopting VRpilot’s virtual reality technology, Portugália Airlines is reaffirming its commitment to providing top-tier training for its pilots and ensuring passenger safety. This innovative approach will enable Portugália to conduct realistic training scenarios encompassing a wide range of procedures, including both normal and emergency operations.

This collaboration marks a significant stride forward for both VRpilot and Portugália Airlines, demonstrating their dedication to embracing innovative training methods and raising the bar in aviation training standards.

About Portugália Airlines:

Portugália Airlines is a renowned Portuguese regional airline with a rich history spanning over three decades. Operating a modern fleet of Embraer E190/E195 aircraft, Portugália is committed to delivering excellence in passenger services and maintaining the highest standards in aviation safety.

About VRpilot:

VRpilot is a renowned provider of virtual reality training solutions for the aviation industry. Their cutting-edge technology offers immersive and lifelike training experiences, empowering pilots to refine their skills and master procedures in a safe and controlled environment. VRpilot’s solutions are designed to enhance training efficiency and effectiveness for airlines and flight schools worldwide.

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