What makes VRbasic different from traditional flight simulators?

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We have incorporated all the best, individual solutions for graphics, simulation software, simulator controllers, elegant design and craftmanship to offer the best use of Virtual Reality to flight training. VRbasic is competitive for three important reasons:

PRICE: Traditional flight simulators are built around a mock-up of an aircraft cockpit. This is expensive and takes up a lot of room, and makes the simulator stationary. In VRbasic, the cockpit (and the rest of the entire aircraft) is represented virtually.

FLEXIBILITY: Traditional simulators are typically built around a generic aircraft type or a specific one. With VRbasic, the simulator can be changed from e.g. a Piper Cherokee to an Airbus A320 with the push of a button. Adding a new aircraft to your VRbasic simulator will cost between $20 to $500, while adding a similar feature to a traditional simulator would cost you tens of thousands of dollars.

SIMULATION ACCURACY: When flying a traditional simulator, the outside world is displayed on a flat or a curved screen a few meters from the pilot. This gives an inaccurate feeling of distance and parallax error. In VR, distances are perceived accurately and more intuitive.

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